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When it’s that time of the year and festivals are around the corner, you need to start preparing your house for the guests and the celebrations. Nowadays there is so much one can do to make their home decor look festive. There are numerous items of decorations in the market which you can buy to adorn your home, but that’s not all. You can even do the things you already have or do some DIY to achieve the look you want for the space.

You just need some inspiration and a few ideas to begin the transformation of your home’s interior. So, if you wish to know how to decor home to match the festive atmosphere, here are a few ideas to help you give your house a makeover:

Light Up the Space

When you are preparing your home for the festive season, you need to pay special attention to the lighting. If your home does not look bright enough, the darkness will sap you of your bright spirit. As we all know, brightness brings happiness, so keeping the space lit up appropriately during the festival season is essential. One needs to be happy to celebrate life and that cannot happen when they are sitting gloom with half of their house enveloped in darkness.

give light up the space


This is one of the most important home decor ideas, so you need to be very clear on how you can brighten up your home in a way that increases its beauty instead of becoming a spotlight for any of the flaws in it that you prefer to keep hidden. You can string up some fairy lights to complement the lights you already have. You can also hang lanterns to cast a soft glow at the surrounding space. You can also change the lights you currently have and go for something decorative.

Bring Out Your New Purchases

Nothing says festive than brand new things. New Bedsheets, cushion covers, curtains, table mats, welcome mats, etc. are all things that can make your house look fresh and lift your festive spirits. So, change those old and curtains on the window and hang the new ones. Stash the old bedsheet in the cupboard and spread the one you bought for special, festive occasions. Give the sofa cushions a fresh look with new covers.

bring out your new purchases


Use new placemats for the setting on your dining table, and cover your coffee table with a table mat you haven’t used before. Do whatever else you think the best to bring freshness to the space. You don’t necessarily have to buy new things especially for the occasion, you can also decorate your house with things you haven’t used before or don’t use regularly.

Roll Out the Ornate Rugs

Rugs change the look of the space in an instant. Since there is a rug for every occasion, you can choose your best-looking ornate rugs to adorn your floors for the festive season. A hand-knotted traditional rug with delicate patterns would look beautiful if matched with similar decoration. Luxurious rugs are perfect to showcase your festive spirit. The art on the rugs will definitely make the decor look lively.

roll out the ornate rugsa


If any guests visit your house, those rugs will, without a doubt, attract their attention. So, get the good quality rugs whether vintage or traditional and impress anyone who visits you with the brilliant decor.

Adorn the Walls and Ceiling


adorn the walls and ceiling

There are many items of decor that you can use to brighten up the walls of your home. Go for some big mirrors with gilded or elaborately designed frames. You can also choose various wall hangings that display beautiful art in vivid colors. Ornate chandeliers liven up not just the ceiling but overall look of the space. Other ceiling fixtures also have a great effect on the decor of the home if they complement other pieces of decor in the space.

Know that Flowers Mean Festivity

Flowers make great decoration and look appropriately festive when used as such. There are many ways in which you can incorporate flowers into the decor of your home. Putting brightly colored flowers in vases, hanging strings of flowers at either sides of different doorways, and creating beautiful flower arrangements for your coffee table are such ways to bring the festive spirit to your home. Your house will not only become lively but will also be filled with a lovely fragrance.

know that flowers mean festivity


That fragrance will be enough to keep in you in a great mood throughout the festival season. Make sure to use fresh flowers and regularly replace the withered flowers with them. Plastic flowers are also not a bad option if you do not wish to have actual flowers in any of your decorations. With fake flowers, there will be no hassle of replacing the withered ones. They will stay exactly the way they are. The only drawback is that they won’t give off any fragrance like real flowers do.

Give a Splash of Color to the Space

Whatever decor you choose, ensure that it is not dull. A place appears festive when it is filled with bright colors. So, no matter if you are using wall hangings, flowers, rugs, new bedsheets, curtains and cushion covers to decorate your house for the festival season, you need to make sure that all of these things match your festive spirit, i.e., they should be in vivid colors. Beauty is in brightness, so coupled with bright lights, vivid colors will enhance the look of the space.

If your home’s interior has a neutral color scheme, a splash of color here and there in your decor will go a long way in making the house look full of life and appropriate for celebration. However, if the color scheme includes bright colors, you will not have to make many changes and tweaking the look a bit accordingly will be enough.


These were a few home decor tips to make your home interior beautiful and appropriate for the festive season. You don’t necessarily have to use all these ideas, using just a few of them will do. Just make sure to alter the decor in the way that is needed. When you make your house lively enough, you will find that not only does it look pleasing to the eye but also lifts your spirits and helps you feel the joy of the festive season.

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