Traditional rugs are the king of all times. These are globally renowned and appreciated for their versatility, designs, and durability. You can place them in any setting and these will look beautiful. Traditional rugs have bold colors, intricate patterns, and rich textures that are built to last for a lifetime. 

The design of the traditional rugs is inspired by Persian, Turkish, and Oriental rugs. A hand-woven traditional rug in silk, wool, or cotton is a masterpiece in itself. Persian traditional rugs are expensive and their quality and the making process aptly justify their price. A hand-woven Persian traditional rug on average consumes around 9-10 months for its making. The process is long and the result is indeed worth the wait. 

Traditional rugs add soft touches to the minimalist spaces and add warmth to a filled room. While decorating a space, a traditional rug with a center medallion shall be placed in the center so that the entire design of the rug is visible. However, if you were to place it under a piece of furniture, the geometric and floral motif designs would be a better pick considering that the design will be evenly distributed across the rug and will be visible even after the furniture area. Traditional Rugs looks the best when placed in the living room. The dense patterns and motifs increases the charm in the space.




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