Mysticism is an experience that one could never imagine having just by looking at a rug but Oriental Rugs make it possible.

They are created in a way that anyone who lays eyes on them is drawn in and feels united with what exists beyond this realm of reality.

You cannot help but be mesmerized by them. There are many things that lend these rugs such quality. Here are a few of them.

Art With Hidden Meaning

The art used in Oriental rugs never has only one meaning. There are many ways that a simple design can be interpreted when it comes to these rugs.

Often, the designs hold hidden meanings that only make themselves known when you pay proper attention to them.

This nature of the oriental rug art makes you want to delve deep into learning more about it. This is why it is hard to take your eyes away from an oriental rug once you have a look.

The art draws you in and fascinates you once you discover its meaning.

Use of Symbolism

Symbolism is a prominent feature of oriental rugs. Various symbols, motifs and patterns are frequently found to represent ideas like spirituality or the things related to nature.

Symbolism is an art form that connects you deeply with the power that is behind each motif.

The symbols evoke emotions in the beholder that leave them enraptured. They get a mystical experience that cannot be compared to anything else.

Each symbol is carefully woven and integrated into the overall design of the rug and the power of those symbols is one of the parts of the mysticism of oriental rugs.

Representation of Spirituality

Oriental culture is strongly rooted in spirituality, which is why an oriental rug without spiritual representation is incomplete.

There are various forms in which the art of an oriental rug can show spirituality. Many colours hold spiritual significance and when used in the art for these rugs, bring mystic energy with them.

Certain motifs and patterns also represent religious beliefs and can tell tales of the past, describing the historical significance of them as well.

Imbuement of Positive Energy

The art used to design oriental rugs is imbued with positive energy by the craftsmen. It is an ancient art form that has been practised by them for generations, so their love and respect for it shines through and gives off positivity.

This is also a contributing factor towards the mysticism of oriental rugs.

These rugs are created in a way, with spiritual symbols, religious motifs and other such elements integrated into the design, that also gives the idea that they carry positive energy in every thread.

Their presence in any space can liven it up and create a good atmosphere.

Connection to Nature

With natural materials and plant-based dyes used to make oriental rugs, their connection to nature is very obvious.

Not only that, but the blend of floral patterns, animal motifs, depictions of different facets of life, and other themes associated with nature create a stronger connection between these rugs and the natural world.

When they are placed in a living space, they freshen up the environment indoors with their representation of nature.

It is another mystic quality that distinguishes them from any other kind of rug.

Cultural Significance

The history of rugs and their cultural significance can easily be found in the intricate design of the rugs and the materials used for creating them.

The rugs are created by specific artisans who have learned this art from their ancestors. This kind of generational knowledge is in itself a testament to the history and culture to which these oriental rugs belong.

The rugs tell stories of the past and bring hope for the future with just the art that is woven into them. This is why they are considered an integral part of many cultures.

They are not just rugs but a connection to the rich oriental culture.

Meticulous Craftsmanship

Creating these rugs is not an easy task. It takes a significant amount of time and effort to weave them into the masterpieces that you see in the market.

The level of attention to detail displayed by the craftsmen for each piece is incredible and is one of the reasons these rugs cannot be replicated by machines.

They carry numerous personal touches that make them special and unique.

Ritualistic Process

Each rug is created by a craftsman through a process that is almost ritualistic because of its mystique. Everything is carefully selected, from materials and dyes to the design that is supposed to be woven into the fabric.

The patience with which the selected elements are used for the creation of these rugs is also part of the ritualistic process.

All of these things, when combined, bring forth fascinating results that live up to the reputation of oriental rugs.

Valuable Heirloom

Oriental rugs are incredibly valuable not only because of their artwork and style but also because of the effort that goes into making them.

The personal touches of the craftsmen are just another reason why they are so coveted. They are a collector’s dream because of their significance culturally as well as spiritually.

If they represent any legend or folklore through their artwork or history, they become all the more valuable because of the mystique that comes with it.

Their durable nature makes them the perfect heirloom, to be treasured by generations to come.

The Bottom Line

This was an overview of the mysticism of Oriental Rugs. Each element that is a part of such a rug is a contributing factor to its mystique, be it the artwork or the artist itself. This is why these rugs are so widely coveted.

They are not just a piece of interior decoration but a piece of art that should be cherished for as long as it exists. Its value will never diminish but will keep on increasing year after year.

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