Our story began in the year 1984, initially set up as a Production and Export Unit, we have been engaged in the export of hand knotted beauties: Woollen, Silk Carpets & Handicrafts. We proudly associate with a community of 1400+ artisans to produce the Best Carpets in Agra. Made in their own humble abode, their own cottages. Hence, we came to be known as the “Kalra’s Cottage Industry”.

Here we are, 38 years later.. Proudly promoting and inviting people to experience our showroom, right here, in the quaint lanes of Fatehabad Road, Agra. With a collection of more than 6000 Carpets and an area of 18,000 sq ft, we have catered to more than 4M customers. (and counting!) A home to Best Mughal Carpets in Agra, our store is definitely worth a visit!

Our edge lies with the fact that we have an in-house factory, which adds a significant value to the “Rug Selection Experience.”
Making us the prime location, for the history enthusiasts looking for Taj Mahal Rugs, or the lovers of vintage, and traditional heritage works of art, looking to experience the extraordinary, in the form of a Heritage Rug Tour in Agra. And hence we say, for you.. A Handcrafted haven, An experience awaits..

When situated in a place like Agra, so rich in history & in culture, it is almost predestined that our work speaks for the legacy, for the ethnicity, the culture and the diversity that we come from. Hence, our designs come from a deep rooted space of inspiration and we are able to create with the help of more than 750 families living in & around Agra, the finest pieces of art with ethnic Indo-Persian & Mughal Designs. The carpets at the Kalra’s Cottage Industry are inspired from Mughal art & Architecture.. Taj Mahal, Agra Fort and other ancient monuments.

We also specialise in the re-creation of antique carpets of which the original pieces are in Museums such as the Victorian Albert Hall Museum in London, Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York and Los Angeles County Museum of Art, etc.

At Kalra’s Cottage Industry we produce pieces of history, art and heritage that have a meaning and hold a sentiment within, that you take home to hold, to cherish and pass on, to generations… 

Our Founders


Mr. Krishan Kalra

Our respected founder, Mr. Krishan Kalra comes from a family of weavers and artisans himself. It was during the time of partition that his family moved from Lahore to Agra, via Delhi & Amritsar. Since they were already a part of the weaving community, it made sense that this is what they would engage in post moving to Agra.. Hence, young Mr.Krishan started weaving with the family members on two looms in his house. The fine quality, the intricate work and the beauty of the products led to them being handed to the exporters who further sent them abroad.

When Mr. Krishan grew up and officially started the family business he started a small retail outlet, of about 600 sq. ft with the help of the weaving community. With one driving force in his mind, to provide the consumers with the Best Carpets in Agra. Thus, when the tourists visited Agra, especially the Taj Mahal, they visited his little outlet. That’s how this venture took shape, and the close knit weaving community prospered from it.

Then the business was handed to the next generation, and carrying forward the legacy, Mr. Sanjay Kalra, son of Mr. Krishan Kalra, gained expertise in Mughal Art and Architecture. Specialising in mughal designs, those inspired from the Taj mahal and the rich history of India.Under his leadership, the Kalra’s Cottage Industry has been able to re-create some beautiful patterns; the original pieces (from the time of the Mughals) of which can still be found in museums all around the world.

It was under the leadership of Mr. Sanjay Kalra, in the 1990’s that the renowned Kalra’s cottage Industry opened the 18,000 square feet showroom for retail. To establish Kalra’s Cottage Industry as a pioneer in the rich world of Carpets, Rugs and Heirlooms. Fast forwarding to today, when about 750 families and almost a labour force of about 2000 people are a part of this huge handloom family…

Mr. Sanjay Kalra

Owing to his expertise in the Mughal Art and Architecture, Mr.Sanjay Kalra has been invited to various events to shed light on the rich art and expertise that comes from the India of the Mughals. Notable of the same events and discussions are the following: Meeting of the Textile Society of America,  Mughal Gardens & Rugs: an episode with BBC Presenter Monty Don and an invitation that was sadly declined, for a lecture at the Doris Duke Foundation for Islamic Art, in the USA. Both the events put great emphasis on how the carpets and rugs from India have been inspired by the Mughal Architecture and gardens. The idea was to view the details of carpets and rugs from the vantage point a Mughal ruler might have enjoyed. As a third-generation carpet atelier owner Sanjay Kalra, believes that still, there is a lot for the world to discover and appreciate when it comes to art of carpet weaving in India.

Our contribution to society

We owe so much to the beloved city of Agra, and it was only customary that we find a way to contribute to it too. Hence, to bridge the gap between quality education and the masses we have established, The International School Agra. Where we pride ourselves in being able to provide the best quality education to people from different economic and socio-cultural  backgrounds. It is under Mr.Sanjay Kalra’s leadership and expertise that we are able to execute the same. It is his innate belief that, with great education, great potential can be actualised.