The wide base in the Burnt Sienna with intricate floral, plant, or geometrical motifs in Mustang Blue color best describes a Vintage Rug. A vintage rug looks old but carries a bold character! Once owned, it will become a part of your life and will keep enriching your home ambiance for decades. 

The intricacy of the knot by knot weaving in vintage rugs is special! As a matter of fact, Vintage Rugs only use natural fibers such as wool or silk. Even the yarn fibers are dyed in natural colors.  All such elements make these vintage rugs a  preferred aspect of home decor. 

Vintage Rugs unlike modern rugs do not have a backing! Upon turning them around, you will be able to see a mirror image of the design in the front. These are perfect to fit the aesthetics of any space and can be matched with both boho-styled home decor as well as in modern settings. 

A lot of people have concerns about maintaining rugs! But, the process is a lot easier than it seems. Wool is an excellent material that easily absorbs moisture and can be cleaned very easily. A damp kitchen rag can clean your rug stains while a multi-purpose vacuum cleaner can take away all the dirt and dust in no time. 

While selecting a rug for your room, it’s better to be clear on three aspects – where are you planning a rug for? Is it for an entryway? Or the living room or the bedroom! Second, the size and shape of the rug. It has to be in a specific proportion to the size of your room. Last but not the least, the design of the rug you have in your mind. The design and the pattern of your rug can certainly create a big impact on the look and feel of the room. 




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