Silk is a beautiful fabric, celebrated across the world for its varied characteristics. The fashion fraternity goes gaga over silk outfits, the history lovers enjoy seeing exotic Silk rugs of ancient times in the museums, and the royal families of the world treasure having a collection of them in their luxurious mansions. 

Why not! After all, Silk is one of the finest materials in the world. The softness, stretchability, and durability of silk make it appealing to the masses. The silk fiber is delicate when single but robust when combined. Be it entryway, living room, or bedroom; Silk rugs are great adornments for your home any day. Silk, being a super-fine material, allows the weaver to make more knots in every square inch. This helps in making more intricate designs with dense patterns and texture. The touch of a Silk rug is smooth and soothing to the hands. 


When choosing a silk rug for your home, there are plenty of design and patterns available. If your home interiors are contemporary with modern furnitures and cabinets, the erased and abstract patterns would suit there the best. However, if you have a classic and old-styled interiors,

rugs with geometric patterns, floral patterns and plant motifs will look the best.

Maintaining a Silk rug isn’t a herculean task. The protein-based fiber is lightweight, soft, and can be cleaned, and maintained by a vacuum cleaner. For deep cleaning, a wash with a detergent, water and a soft brush will make your Silk rug look like a new piece in no time.




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