Modern rugs are contemporary rugs with the latest designs, colors, and patterns. Since ages, weavers have been involved in creating rugs of different materials and designs. These have evolved over time because of the changes in the techniques of weaving. 

The touch of Modern Rugs are super-fine owing to the quality of materials used in them. The best materials of Modern Rugs are superfine wool, Bamboo Silk, and Pure Silk. Each one of them are fine in looks, plush in touch and gives a luxe feel to the space.

At Kalra’s Cottage Industry Agra, you can explore and shop the best-quality hand-knotted Modern rugs in different designs of your choice. Some of our favorites are abstract, asymmetrical patterns, and florals. A house with a minimalist appearance can go for modern Area rugs to enhance the charm of any place. Also, the cushioning that comes with these Modern rugs are soft on the foot and provides comfort to the soles. 

A modern rug can add up to any place of your house. For instance, your living room will become more inviting if you place a hand-knotted modern rug in the living space. Similarly, if you wish to highlight any specific furniture of your living room, go for dark colored modern rugs. These will add the warmth needed and will enhance the focal views of your furniture. 

Creating and adding new spaces in the room by placing Modern Area Rugs is a smart approach to make your room lively and spacious. Like placing a area rug under your bed will distinguish your bed area with other areas of your room. 

Before placing a modern rug into your house, be clear about the size of the rug. A small rug in a large living room can look cluttered. Similarly, over sized rugs under a small furniture will not add up to the space. Hence, while placing a modern rug into your living room, make sure it is big enough to cover a larger area of the room. Also ensure that there is even space in between the rug and the wall.





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