Every piece that deserves to be called a Master rug is an art in itself. It has a fondness of many and its ownership in itself is a treasure wished by many. A master rug is made by a master weaver who excels weaving and knotting a rug! Right from acquiring the best quality silk till its completion, making a Master rug knot by knot is a work of exceptional craftsmanship

The material used in making a Master Rug is Pure silk. What amplifies the texture and makes it more cushioning is the use of high-quality silk in both Warp and Weft. This also gives an extra-ordinary shine to the rug and make it alluring to the eyes. 

The Master Rugs are not just a beautiful piece of decoration; it also comes with a pool of advantages. ‘Soft’ and ‘Strong’ are two words that doesn’t often come together but when it comes to Master rugs; they both enjoy being in one. Master rugs are made by silk on silk mechanism and form a very strong knot when weaved by a master weaver. In the same vein, the softness of the silk remains intact and it offers a very soft cushion and comfort to the feet. 

Silk, being a protein-based fiber has long-lasting properties. A well thought & bought rug can last for centuries when cared for properly. As a matter of fact, silk is also fire resistant and easy to dye. Hence, investments in a Master Rug can give the joys for a lifetime. Master Rugs with plenty of benefits like this are a first preference for home decorators, interior designers and owners of bespoke houses.

Having a Master Rug in the living room is a satisfying experience. Add geometric lines, repeated pattern designed rugs to your living room and enjoy the complements by your guests.



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