A Dhurrie Rug is a floor covering smaller than the carpet and is most prevalent in India and Pakistan. The point of differentiation between a Dhurrie rug and a traditional rug is that these are flat weaves and have a small pile height. 

Also, unlike hand-knotted rugs where both warp and weft are essential components in the making of a rug, there is no warp in a Dhurrie Rug. 

A traditional Dhurrie Rug in Indian homes is a common sight; these are tough inbuilt and are often made with rugged materials such as wool, jute, and sometimes silk. 

The use of pastel colors and modern designs is a highlight of Dhurrie rugs

The process of making Dhurri Rug is unique and it helps in keeping its thickness to the minimum. Also, due to this unique making process, these can be made in different shapes and sizes. You can place these from either sides and it will look fabulous from both sides. 

Dhurrie Rugs have compact fibres that enable high resistance against moths and parasite. Hence, cleaning and managing them are a hassle-free affair. 

A simple design with a few colors and a pinch of decorative elements – a perfect description of a Dhurrie Rug. Though, in the modern times, weavers experiment with new designs, patterns, and colours. The dyes used in making a Dhurrie rug are natural and comes from the Indigo plants. 





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