When the Mughals introduced the art of rug making to the weavers of Agra, no one could have foreseen how important rugs would become for the city. Now the very fabric of this city is made up of countless threads of rugs woven by artisans over the years. There is no shortage of rug designs in Agra but they depict what is most familiar to the city’s people, and that is the Mughals as well as their art.

The designs are not just random swirls of threads or colours, they carry an entire culture in them. They have the knowledge, the skill and most of all, the creativity of the weavers that bring them into existence one knot at a time. Agra is filled to the brim with exquisite rugs that tell a story through their threads but some of the designs of Kalra Cottage Industry hold a different kind of charm.

Types of Inspiring Rug Designs

Inspiring designs are those which inspire the beholder to be creative, to do what they feel like doing when they look at those designs. They are of various types, with a certain type of beauty Kalra Cottage Industry has different categories of rugs with different kinds of designs. Here are a few that you can find:

Traditional Designs

The word traditional takes you back to the age-old traditions. The colourful images that are painted in your head by thinking about them are the ones that inspire these designs. Agra’s rich cultural heritage is packed with the traditional art brought over by the Mughals and the art that evolved during their reign. This combination results in Rug Designs which have delicate motifs, elegant borders, and more. All are unique but follow a similar pattern. The rich colours enhance their look all the more.

These traditional designs can be achieved on both wool and silver. There are many ways they can be created like hand-tufting, hand-knotting, flat weave, etc. Kalra Cottage Industry specializes in hand-knotted rugs and can bring out the beauty of traditional rug designs in their creations. Their intricate designs include floral patterns, medallions, and more, giving them a classic and ageless look. This is the kind of look that makes you want to travel to the past and experience the rich culture yourself.

Vintage Designs


When you hear vintage, you think about old times and high-quality products. These designs put these thoughts into images. Faded and distressed rugs which look old but don’t really show any sign of actual wear and tear are identified as vintage. These rugs look like prized heirlooms passed on from generation to generation. The ones that carry the love of your ancestors or maybe ones which have seen many lives and events of the past. 

This look adds to the cosiness of the space where the rug is placed. It is because it brings the essence of the past in its design and feels as if it carries numerous years in its threads. The faded design shows that there is some history, be it known or unknown, attached to it. History means stories, so those designs feel as if they carry stories in them and they inspire you to be a part of them.

Modern Designs

Modern Designs

Just as the name suggests, these designs have modern elements. These can be normal design elements with a modern take on them. They can include floral, geometric patterns, or abstract patterns. Other than that, they can have an ombre effect. Modern rug designs are quite the opposite of traditional ones. Just a look at the patterns and colours will tell you that it is a modern design.

The art on the rugs is like a breath of fresh air and you can use it to liven up your living space. The contemporary style works on all kinds of materials, including wool and silk. Whether simple or bold, the designs are bound to fit perfectly within the modern aesthetic of the space where they are placed. There is elegance in the design even with the boldness, and the innovative elements blend well with any pattern, texture or material.

Nature Motifs

These designs give you a chance to bring the beauty of nature indoors, whether it is your office space, living room or bedroom. You can find vines, flowers, leaves and even landscapes in those designs. The motifs bring peace and calm to the beholder because they carry the essence of nature in them.

So, if your space has an aesthetic filled with natural beauty, a rug with natural motifs as its design can fit right in. In fact, it can inspire you to go out and lay in the grass or wander in a forest, with bubbling brooks and roaring waterfalls.

Geometrical Designs

Geometry taught to us in school included shapes like squares, rectangles, triangles, circles, pentagons, hexagons, and more. When you are studying these shapes, you don’t think that they will ever look beautiful to you. However, when the same shapes appear on a rug, you find yourself wondering how you could never notice their beauty before. This is the magic of these geometric designs. They hold patterns that can suck you into their illusion.

Abstract Designs

Abstract Designs

The word abstract means an idea that cannot exist physically. It is a type of art that is a reflection of that very idea. It does not have any specific form, it is just a culmination of colours and unconventional patterns. They could be made of shapes, strokes, lines, splatters, and more.

With these dynamic patterns, the rugs manage to captivate the beholder. They inspire them to step into the world of creativity, to explore the power of different patterns and colours when they come together to create something beautiful.

The Bottom Line

These were some inspiring rug designs, most of which you can easily find at Kalra Cottage Industry. This is the place where you can get rugs that hold you in rapture and inspire you.

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