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Bringing the legacy of Mughal artisans under your feet

Take a piece of heritage home

Supporting 1400+ carpet knotting communities

Bringing the legacy of Mughal artisans under your feet

We pride ourselves in carrying forward the Legacy of Indian Craftsmanship, while being able to support a close community of artisans who weave the very core of our existence. Based in the quaint lanes of Fatehabad Road, we provide the Best Rugs in Agra.  Visit our Store, and take a piece of heritage home..

100% Organic Wool and Silk

Superfine Quality


mughal design hand made rug

I am a dream,
Blooming into reality,
I am a motif
Uncovering serenity,
For each knot tied,
I become the blessing,
the story,
and beauty abide



The ones who materialise ideas into reality, the ones who combine heritage, legacy, history and art alike.. An integral, respected part of Kalra’s Cottage Industry, meet the artisans:



Senior Artisan

The senior-most artisan of the Kalra’s Cottage Industry, Faiyaaz has been with us since the last 34 years. His expertise as a weaver of Silk Rugs is commendable…


Senior Artisan

One of the senior artisans at the Kalra’s Cottage Industry, Iqbal has been working with us since the last 28 years….

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Muskan is one of our youngest apprentices, she is 24 years old and has been working with Kalra’s Cottage industry for the last 3 years. ..


Senior Artisan

One of our most experienced artisans, Manoj is 40 years old and has been in the carpet manufacturing process for the last 20 years. ..



Carpet Palace of Agra

We have always endeavoured our very best to live up to the expectations of their patrons in quality of the product & timely deliveries. The carpets here are inspired from the Mughal architec-ture like Taj Mahal, Agra Fort and all other ancient monuments. We have the finest silk carpets with very intricate designs.

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